Stock Market - Stock Returns overview issue

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Stock Market - Stock Returns overview issue


Post by kesizewi » Thu Mar 15, 2018 8:46 pm


there are 4 things which comes to my attention regarding stock return overview nothing essential but handy if it could be sorted out:
1. once you sell off all shares of a company, it stays in the stock return with 0 shares, 0 avg cost, 0 market value but it shows you the overall profit/loss. would be nice if this is removed
2.just sold all but 0.10% of a company's stock and this stock return shows now avg cost ($95.07) negative purchase price! this is certainly a result of not deleting the profit/loss of stocks sold as 68.000 shares left in portfolio avg purchase ($95.07), market price $11.05, market value $751.600, gain/Loss $7.216.133
as i bought the shares for avg $8.00 the profit should be shown at 68.000 x 3.05 = roughly $207.400 to reflect the average $8.00 purchase price but as it keeps the life time profit it tells me i made 7.216.133 profit on just 68.000 shares at a current market value of $11.05 which plays out at a negative purchase price of ($95.07)
3. any shares aquired in a merger is taken into calculation at purchase price of $0.00
4. any share purchased in a tender offer is taken into this calculation at a purchase price of $0.00
any chance to get this fixed please?

please help

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