This is valid Dofus Kamas

This is valid Dofus Kamas

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This is valid Dofus Kamas


Post by Rskingdom » Sat Nov 23, 2019 9:16 am

This is valid Dofus Kamas . I have died a few times to detach. Many hardcore games have this issue (I play with a fair amount of hardcore POE), nevertheless their communities are still pretty lively.However it's not true for you to lose"all progress" if you die. You can take several actions to reevaluate how much of a reduction it is using the lender liberally, leveling careers on alt personality, etc.So, though you may be discouraged to play with them given the possibility that you sadly disconnect, these servers will be definitely playable.

PoE and In addition, I play with and it's fine so or since it takes 50-100 hours and then youstop and're done. It's like 1-2 weeks. Dofus lasts countless hours to acquire the best setup.So I know why PoE has no disconnection protection, however, Dofus requires it considering the time investment required to reach endgame with endgame gear (including Dofuses exos etc) in comparsion to PoE. It is too much to shed. It is enough for me to state that the servers are unplayable and anyone playing. Just my opinion, everyone will have different options, but I have played perma passing games and Dofus is easily the worst.

Ily is your ideal server but depending on what you intend by"playing Dofus again" it will be a fairly different experience. On ilyzealle that the Dofus game can appear to feel lifeless at times, and you might struggle to find groups that will assist you through quests and dungeons. This isn't a problem when you've got a guild and a friend group, but it is a struggle until you have that foundation.

Compared to Cheap Kamas Dofus Retro servers in which there's hundreds of people going through gobball dungeon at any given time, lots of low degrees as it's slower to level up and lots of people wanting groups since everything is better in a large set of 8, rather than the four people use on ilyzealle.